Adriana, President & Travel Planner Extraordinaire

Adriana has been at the helm of professional travel planning for over 25 years. She purchased an agency in 1994 with the intent of conquering all the ins and outs of the travel industry and becoming a travel designer with an emphasis on curating the most memorable trips for her clients. “I have always been a meticulous planner and take pride in my attention to detail. I believe that I have taken my innate skills and merged them with my vast knowledge of all the aspects of the travel industry. I absolutely love what I do. I plan each and every vacation as if they were my very own. It’s the personal touch that sets my approach apart from the rest.”

Adriana enjoys visiting new destinations each year, but has her favorites, which include anyplace with a beach and her top choice is Italy where she owns a home with her husband in a small corner of Abruzzo. A town she spent summers visiting as a young girl and where her parents were born.

She is always on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest resort or hotel wherever that may be! Adriana finds the most joy when vacationing with her husband and 3 children. Adriana loves to cook and plan parties for any occasion to entertain family and friends and has an appetite for anything adventurous!

Adriana partnered with Elli Travel in 2022 as a Principal Advisor leading a team. Adriana and her team are an independent affiliate of Elli Travel.

Jennifer, Lead Travel Planner & Awesome Office Manager

Jennifer landed with Adriana Greco when Adriana purchased her travel agency in 1994 and they have been working together ever since. Having already been in the travel industry for some time, Jennifer’s knowledge reaches far & wide. Jen is a triple threat: friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. She is just the travel professional you want planning your next getaway!

Jennifer’s taste in travel ranges from generational family vacationing on the beaches in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to sailing the Mediterranean on the tall sailing ships of the Star Clipper Cruise Line.

Jennifer would love to share her 35 years of travel planning to help you explore the world. “I believe there is nothing more satisfying in the travel profession then creating a trip filled with lifelong memories for my clients”.